Giant Re-Peat

Hello Big Blue Fans,

I’ excited to start this blog. I’ve been living in Florida for 8 years but haven’t lost two things– my NY accent or my love for the Giants. I am an avid sports fan all-around but there is just something about football that really brings that intense emotional attachment. When the Giants lose, it’s like my day is ruined, and when we win, it’s like Christmas.

Can this be the year we go back-to-back? I believe! My biggest concern? Our secondary. Why we did not go out in the off-season and acquire a top-notch back I do not know, but we need to shore up this position or we will continue to struggle against teams with high-end quarterbacks.

Let’s keep working on and improving our running game in the meantime and keep those opposing offenses off the field. And Eli, maybe tell yourself in the first half that it is actually the second half and play strong for 60 minutes instead of 30. My goodness these 4th quarter comebacks are exciting but how about giving us a break and treating us to a few more of those Panther games?



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